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        Milestones of Shandong Grad Group
        ★ 1993, Qinghe Ventilation Machinery Factory was established, involving in the production of central air terminal equipment and hand lay-up FRP products.
        ★ 1997, the company changed its name to “Shandong Detong Industrial Co., Ltd.”, and successfully produced the first 100-ton FRP tank.
        ★ 1998, the company took the lead in passing the quality and product certifications in the industry in Dezhou. Meanwhile, it was relocated for the first time to the new plant; the company was awarded with the title of “national medium-sized enterprise”.
        ★ 2000, the plant area was expanded to 120 mu. The company reached agency contract with the U.S. company Owens Corning, and introduced advanced composite manufacturing technologies.
        ★ 2003, the company’s SMC output reached nearly 4,000 tons, ranking first in the country. The Air conditioning FRP Industry Association of Dezhou was founded; the company was unanimously elected as president of the association.
        ★ 2004, the company passed the ISO14001:1996 Environmental Management System certification, and co-founded the joint venture “Grad • Chung-hsin Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.” with Taiwan company Chung-hsin Electric, and introduced advanced central air conditioner manufacturing technologies.
        ★ 2005, the company was once again relocated, and was settled at No. 6, Grad Road, Tianqu Industrial Park. The new factory covers an area of 524.75 mu, with a total area of 349,333 square meters, and a total investment of RMB 320 million.
        The company produced FRP winding pipes with a diameter of 2.2 × 12 meters for Guangdong Maoming Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd., hitting a record in pipe diameters in the industry.
        The Group was named “designated manufacturer of protective equipment for civil air-defense construction” by the National Civil Air Defense Office.
        Grad FRP winding pipes won the honorary title of “Famous Brand of Shandong Province”.
        ★ 2006, the Group's brand building achieved fruitful results. The FRP winding pipe products won the honorary title of “Chinese famous brand”; the air conditioner products were named “Shandong Famous Brand”; “Grad” trademark was approved by the Shandong Administration for Industry and Commerce as “Shandong Famous Trademark”.
        The Group’s “FRP composite materials and applications engineering technology research center of Shandong Province” was approved as the only research center in the composites industry in Shandong Province.
        ★ 2007, the group passed the final assessment for “state Grade II enterprise in the safety and quality standardization of machinery manufacturing”. The company is the first enterprise in Dezhou having passed the assessment.
        Axial fans and cooling tower products re-gained the title of “Shandong Famous Brand”.
        The fan products obtained the energy-saving product certificate.
        The company’s 210,000 air volume modular air conditioning units of the company produced by introducing advanced U.S. technology for inverter fan walls were successfully exported to the Philippines, and were highly praised by the SUNPOWER.
        ★ 2008, the company obtained Grade I qualification for mechanical and electrical equipment installation and Grade II qualification for purification equipment installation.
        The water-cooled screw central air conditioning product won the certificate for energy-saving products.
        The closed cooling tower was successfully applied at the National Olympic Sports Center.
        A 12-meter diameter FRP winding large tank with a capacity of up to 1,000 tons was produced at Liaoning Beifang Jinhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd.
        ★ 2009, the “Grad” trademark was identified as “Chinese Famous Trademark”.
        The cooling tower won the certificate for water-saving products.
        The Group applied a total of 40 patents.
        The Group carried out the construction of the Phase II expansion project. The “Phase II” project will further extend the industrial chain, improve and optimize our product mix, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness.
        The Group won the honorary title of “national science and technology innovation base leading backbone enterprise”.
        “Grad Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.” was established.
        ★ March 2010, the group took the lead in obtaining the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes production license in Dezhou.
        ★ August 2010, the Group was identified as one of the “second group of innovative pilot enterprises in Shandong Province”
        ★ September 2010, Grad • Chung-hsin Air Conditioning Co., Ltd was relocated to the new site.
        ★ October 2010, the Group's “fan wall air handling unit” won the “National Torch Program project certificate.” The product is remarkable in energy saving, and enjoys a broad prospect for promotion and application, which has filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level among similar products.
        ★ November 2010, Grad • Chung-hsin Air Conditioning Co., Ltd successfully passed the evidence appraisal for A2 grade III pressure vessels manufacture.
        ★ December 2010, the Group’s Phase II expansion project successfully passed the comprehensive inspection conducted by relevant departments of Dezhou, and the Construction Committee of Decheng District, which was gradually put into use.
        ★ December 2010, the Group's “fan coil unit series” was awarded with the honorary titles of “Shandong famous brand” by the Brand Strategy Promotion Committee of Shandong Province, the Quality and Technical Supervision of Shandong Province and other departments.
        ★ February 2012, the Group established “Zhejiang Damu Bay New Energy Development Co., Ltd.” in Zhejiang Damu Bay New City.
        ★ January 2013, Shandong Grad Group’s centrifugal chiller unit was successfully developed and offline.
        ★ May 2013, Shandong Grad Group celebrated its 20th anniversary.