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         Centrifugal fans

        1.0  GENERAL

        A.  Fans is 4-72 Series Centrifugal Fan manufactured by Shandong GRAD Group Co., Ltd,China.and of the size and capacity as indicated on the following specifications.

        B.  Fans got CCC & ISO 9001, 14001 18001 Certificate, our fans will be tested before leaving factory and have  the testing report.

        C.  Fans has the profermance of high efficicency,low noise and low revolution.

        2.0  FAN MODEL

        A. We have many models of the centrifugal fans. Please provide us the air flow, pressure, motor power and speed for choosing the correct model.

        Parts of our fan parameter table are listed below. 


        3.0  FAN MOTOR AND DRIVE

        A. Voltage, frequency & materials could be customized. 

        B. Motor power & RPM as the following specification schedule.

        C.The fan is not appended bearing support, impeller and motor drive directly. 

        4.0  APPLICATIONS 

        a.General Ventilation     b.Process ventilation     c.Contaminated Air Streams

        d.Mining Ventilation      e. Air-conditioner          f.Fumes duct or smoke removal 


        Part of the fan models and specifications 

        Fan pictures 

        Package and Transportation

        Usually we use containers to transport our goods. The package is naked or plywood package.

        Warranty period: 12 months after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving factory.

        Please send inquiry to :

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