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        Axial flow fan

        Axial flow fan is composed by impeller, cabinet (including support) and electric machinery. The impeller with three vanes fixed in the axis of eclectic machinery. So its well working. The support joined with bracket is columnar and made up of FRP material. No collision and extrusion when fixing and repairing the blower. This kind of blower can run a long time. 


        Advantages of General Axial Fan: 

        1). Simple structure, lower noise, low-pressure .

        2). Difference impeller angle can be choose based your needed, 15, 20, 25,30,35Deg.

        3). Total 18 difference types based the impeller dimension, including including 350mm dia, 400mm dia, 450mm dia, 500mm dia, 550mm dia, 600mm dia, 650mm dia, to 1600mm dia.

        4).The air transferred shall not be strong corrosive, not with notable dust, the temperature of

              the air should not exceed 60°C,(If the material is steel,could stand temperature up to 280℃).

        5). Types: We have total 12 types of axial fans, including high temperature smoke exhaust fan, 

        low noise mixed flow fan, high temperature mixed flow fan, pipeline fan, roof fan, etc. Different fans have different models to meet the customers' needs. 


                                Axial fan structural drawing: 



        Part of the smoke exhaust fan data table. 


        Fan pictures: 


        Package and Transportation

        Usually we use containers to transport our goods. The package is naked or plywood package.

        Warranty period: 12 months after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving factory.

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