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        • Name: VRV Unit
        • Number: a4001
        • Upload time: 2014-04-22
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        R410A Direct Current Inverter VRV air conditioner

        1. It adopts the well-known Hitachi vortex compressor, which is of high performance, high frequency cavity and high precision. It has the features of high efficiency, energy saving, safe operation and realiability.

        2. It is air cooled type, which can be installed on the balconies, rooftops or on the ground. So it doesn't need special machine room and foundation to facilitate the installation, which is easy to install and saves space.

        3. It adopts the latest 180-degree sine wave DC variable-speed drive technology and R410a environment protection refrigerant, which fully meets the RoHS instructions and its design for precise temperature control can brings the users with noble enjoyment.

        4. It can carry out rapid cooling or heating and keep the temperature discrepancy within ±0.5°c.

        5. The piping for the refrigerant can be as long as 175m. The height difference between the outdoor and indoor units can be as high as 50m and 30m beteween indoor units.The distance between first branch and the farthest indoor uint can be as long as 40m.

        5. The new designed turbine fan has lowered the noise. 




        The unit applicable scope includes: various commercial and living places like upscale, apartments, duplex buildings, office buildings etc.

        Standard cooling conditions:indoor temperature DB/WB: 27/19°c, outdoor temperature:DB35°c.

        Standard heating conditions:  :indoor temperature DB/WB: 20/15°c, outdoor temperature:DB/wb7/6°c.


        Product Picture

        VI. Package and Transportation

        Usually we use containers to transport our goods. The package is naked or plywood package.

        Warranty period: 12 months after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving factory.

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