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        • Name: Fan Wall Unit
        • Number: b2002
        • Upload time: 2014-04-22
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        Fan Wall air handling unit

        Fan Wall technological advantages

        1. Greener and cleaner. Fans without volute and belt wont produce dust.

        2. More reliable and stable system. Interconnecting structure of the electrical motor eliminates the possibility of unforeseen downtime due to mechanical failure.

        3. Lower noise.

        4. More energy-efficiency.

        5. Flexible designing.

        6. Smaller size. About half the length of traditional units leads to lower cost in installation and transportation.

        7. Convenient maintenance and lower maintenance costs. Fans and motor can be moved out through a side door instead of opening the containers top.

        8. Lower vibration and flutter.


        ISO09001,ISO14001,ISO18001, CRAA.

          As the highly efficient and energy-saving products, GRAD series of modular air Conditioning unit is the result of practice and explore for many years, and the combination of various advantages and advanced technology home and abroad, with the obvious advantages of extraordinary structure, elegant appearance, complete function, free assembly, stable function, concise and practical design, and convenient installment and preservation. So it has been widely used in stadium, exhibition centers, airport, large station, as well as in all kinds of factories, such as car, electronics, textile, medicine, tobacco, alternator, and precise instrument. 

         Package and Transportation

        Usually we use containers to transport our goods. The package is naked or plywood package.

        Warranty period: 12 months after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving factory.

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