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        • Name: Stainless Steel Cooling Tower
        • Number: c2001
        • Upload time: 2014-04-22
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        GRAD Cooling towers introduction: 

        Our cooling towers are energy saving and water saving type. Because the motor capacity is lower than the cooling towers of the same kind, the watertemperature for low noised and super low noised cooling tower is 3~8°C, which is suitable for the cooling of industrial conditions and air conditioner.

        Super low noised cooling tower is based on more noise control on low noised cooling tower, whose standard noise value is 5dB(A) lower than corresponding noise value. It is suitable for the places which has high requirement for noise, such as hotel, hospital, public area and the industrial places which are near the living area.
        Water temperature for industrial type, that is mid & high temperature cooling towers is 10~25°C. Tower diameter, wind volume, wind pressure, capacity, height of packing are increase for this kind of towers. It is suitable for the cooling of industrial water.

        At the same time ,it can be equipped with new type of frequency converter to realize the conditions at different temperatures and under different load conditions with the fan spped of the cooling water temperatures automatically adjusted to achieve energy conservation,noise reduction purpose equipment for the use to save operating costs.

        Product pictures

        Please provide the following parameters:

        1. Water cooling capacity 2. Temperature of water in and water out 3. Wet bulb temperature 4. Power supply conditions and so on. 

           We will provide you a most competitive prices and considerate service once we receive your enquiry.

        Package and Transportation

        Usually we use containers to transport our goods. The package is naked or plywood package.

        Warranty period: 12 months after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving factory.

        Please send inquiry to :

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