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        • Name: BHD Cross Flow FRP Square Cooling Tower
        • Number: c5001
        • Upload time: 2014-04-22
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         BHD cross flow FRP cooling tower series


        Unique design for outstanding quality


        BHD series is an improved model on structure and technology from the traditional square FRP cooling tower. 

        Every internal component is appropriately used. All parts and materials are rigidly checked and tested to make sure their service life and operation. 

        Unique improved mechanized technology not only ensures the high quality of the cooling tower, but also effectively reduces the dead weight of the tower, 

        making the BHD series endowed with advantages of small in size, light in weight, high efficient, long service life and stable operation. Equipped with frequency 

        inverter, this series can automatically regulate the fan speed as the cooling water temperature changes under different temperature and load, 

        which can save energy and lower noise. This function saves operation cost for the users 


        Part of parameter table


        Structural drawing


        Parts pictures


         Cooling tower pictures



        Packing and transportation


        Usuallly we use containers to transport the cooling tower and install the cooling tower on site. Please kindly provide us the inlet&outlet water temperature, water flow and wet bulb temperature so that we can give you our best offer.

        Warranty period:12 months after installation or 18 months after goods leaving factory.

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