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        • Name: Fire Damper
        • Number: k2001
        • Upload time: 2014-04-22
        • Views : 108

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        1、 Summary:
        Installing in the central air conditioning system,the operation principle: closing the valve with eutectic alloy control, action of gravity and spring institution impact.If there is fire,the flame enters into air duct to fuse the eutectic alloy on the valve or auto close the valve because of memory alloy deformation.It applys in the place separating air duct from fire proof zone.
        2.Type and Features
        Fire damper and fire proof control valve:open all the time,70 degree close,installing on the fire dam to cut off the fire.It can be seted output electrical signals,closing the valve if it passes 70 degree,chain supply(replenish) fan close at the same time.
        Smoke and fire proof control valve :open all the time,70 degree close,same as No.1,but there is one electrical signals input;It can be remote controlled in the fire fighting control room.It applys in supplying air and fire replenishing wind air duct.if there is fire,it will close the room that does not need to replenish wind.
        Fire damper:280 degree fusing and closing;open all the time;output electrical signals,same as No.1,but different fuse temperature,installing on the fire dam.It will auto fuse and close when the smoke temperature reaches 280 degree,and also close the smoke discharging fan by chain.
        Discharge smoke fire damper :close all the time; open electrical signals;280 degree fusing and closing, or close by hand.It applys in discharge smoke system,installing in the inlet of discharge smoke fan.It can be opened from the fire fighting room if there is fire,if it will close,the discharge smoke fan also close.



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